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I Want To Be Rich!

If your first thought is - "I want to be rich!" Or "How Much Does It Pay?"...


Yes - we all need money!
Yes - this is a great way to earn real cash!

However - we do not pay anything! We may help keep you from starving, even provide resources, but TRUTHFULLY...

We do not do this for money. We love to help people and we love to program! We love making something new or better...

So if you have vision... then you may really like this! But if your goal is just to earn money - your focus is all wrong and you will likely not earn well.

But don't let that stop you - there are plenty of companies out there willing to hire you...

We are looking for partners - who will do well and take pride in their work.

Partners who will reap the rewards with us!

Asia To Date is looking for partner programmers.

We hope it is true...

...May The Force Be With You!

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Date To Asia Needs You!

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The Home Page is where the website begins!

Home is where the Heart is - Home is the first thing people will see when they type
"" into their browser!

We are looking for programmers with vision to build the best, fastest and most up To Date FREE Dating Website in Asia. We are users of date sites and we find that most are just not meeting our needs - they are not meeting most people's needs!

If you are a programmer with a vision... We are looking to make a partnership with you! We are currently using HTML, XHTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Ajax.

If you are interested in a real project, is only one of a number of projects we currently have on the drawing board. Some with multi-national appeal.

We are mainly looking for fresh grads and self taught persons with skills in PHP, JavaSctipt and Desigh who would like to apprentice for a couple years and become a partner in a thriving business.

Make a First Contact with us at:

We hope you will enjoy building our website!

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